CPH02 Guardian Case for Philips M4841A / M2601B Transmitters


Guardian Case for Philips M4841A and M2601B Transmitter – Pack of 6

Fits the following Philips transmitter models:

  • M4841A (S02-ECG & SpO2)
  • M4841A (S03-ECG & SpO2 Upgradeable)
  • M2601B (S01-ECG & SpO2)
  • M2601B (S03-ECG & SpO2 Upgradeable)
CPH02 M2601B Compatible Transmitters

M2601B S01-ECG, M2601B S01-SpO2, M2601B S03-ECG, M2601B S03-SpO2 Upgradeable

All accessories come with a 12-month warranty, repairs come with a 6 Month Warranty