Get Your Patient Monitoring Devices Repaired Fast

Dedicated equipment repair services for all major manufacturers

Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround

We provides quality repairing services.

Quality Repairs

We provides all types of repairing services at very reasonable prices.

Reasonable Prices

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Stop Wasting Money Servicing Your Medical Equipment

When a critical patient monitoring device quits working, manufacturers charge a fortune for minor service calls. Or, worse, you’re forced to buy a whole new piece of equipment instead of getting a simple repair. There goes your budget for the year.

It’s frustrating to feel taken advantage of. But where else can you go for trustworthy and timely repairs?

You deserve to have a choice in the marketplace.

Repair Your Patient Monitoring Devices to Save Time + Money

At Sage Services Group, we repair patient monitoring devices in our registered FDA facilities. Our skilled technicians will complete your repairs thoroughly and quickly so you can get back to what’s most important: your patients.

Our Specialty Areas

Repairing All the Top Brands

We handle repairs on all major brands of medical equipment and patient monitoring devices.

3 Steps to Saving Time, Money + Improving Patient Care

Submit a Repair Request

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Submit your request online at your convenience.

If needed, a local sales representative will follow up with any questions.

Know Your Device is in Good Hands

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Our skilled team of technicians get to work.

Our average turnaround time for repairs is 5-7 days. We provide regular updates about the status of your repair.

Use Your Time Efficiently

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You’re pulled in all directions so you need to be as efficient with your workday as possible.

Let Sage Services Group save you time by handling repairs large and small.

Don’t let manufacturers take advantage of you. Get the service and prices that help you put patient care first.

The Sage Service Guarantee

When it comes to your medical devices, we are committed to the highest standards.


Save between 25 and 40% after switching to Sage Services.


Our repair shop is FDA registered.


ISO 9001 certified and ISO 13485 certified.


Free shipping.


Quick turnaround times.


Access to a local account representative.


Customers are Raving About Our Equipment Repairs

Sage service group Testimonials
“Sage has never let me down. I place one call, and my local rep shows up, picks up the device, mails it for me, and then it comes back from repair quickly. It’s always repaired correctly the first time, and payment and billing are painless. My first choice for service is always Sage.”


Brian H. 
Durham, N.C.

“Hands down the best third-party repair depot I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”


John S.

Don’t get taken advantage of with overpriced equipment and service calls. 

Instead, partner with Sage Services Group for high-quality repairs, personalized service and fair prices.