Refurbished Equipment

Sage Certified Refurbished Equipment is a price competitive and trusted alternative when purchasing new equipment from an OEM is not an option. Our equipment is inspected and refurbished to meet today’s industry standards. As expected, our refurbished equipment is backed by the same full warranty we offer on any piece of equipment that leaves our doors. Instock inventory can usually be shipped within 24 hours of ordering and financing options are available to provide greater flexibility with your capital budget.

What We Offer

Telemetry Transmitters

Multi-parameter Modules

Bedside Monitors

Transport Monitors

Touchscreen Panels

Anesthesia Modules

EKG Machines

Is there Excess Inventory You May No Longer Need?

Sage can help liquidate any excess, unused or outdated medical equipment for your organization. Our extensive industry knowledge enables us to pay top dollar when purchasing your equipment. If you have equipment you would like to sell simply contact us and our representative will be glad to assist you with an estimate.

Advantages of Refurbished Equipment

A big advantage of refurbished equipment is the cost you spend when comparing it to new equipment. This is great for small medical practices whose budgets don’t allow for a lot of spend on equipment that is needed in the facility. The quality of the equipment that is refurbished is still in great condition but sold for half the cost of similar new equipment. 

You won’t have to worry about specific parts not working properly because defective parts have been replaced. The equipment will be in working condition. The price of this type of equipment will most likely be less than fixing the equipment entirely. 

Sage Services sells equipment with warranties so if you ever have an issue with your equipment you will receive a loaner. This will come in handy because over time equipment will begin to have issues and not work as it should.

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