How to Keep Your Patient-Monitoring Devices Running Smoothly Amid Staff Shortages

by | Apr 7, 2023 | medical equipment

Staff shortages have impacted just about every industry since 2020. Even though the most severe threat of COVID is largely behind us, stories of worker shortages continue to make headlines. We know healthcare is no exception. From nurses to biomedical engineers, hospitals and medical facilities are struggling with staff shortages and worker turnover. 

We know you have a lot on your plate and your work is vital to high-quality patient care. 

At Sage Services Group, we believe in making your job easier. You need to keep your patient-monitoring devices running smoothly. And we can help you do that more efficiently and without busting your budget. 

Here are three ways we can partner with you to save time, save money and improve patient care: 

  1. Let Sage Services handle your device repairs. 

We make equipment repairs incredibly simple. Fill out the online repair form to start the process. Once we receive your device, our top-notch technicians get to work. Our team is highly skilled and can repair just about anything that’s shipped to our state-of-the-art facilities (seriously, they are talented!).  

Our repair pricing is reasonable. Our turnaround time is quick. We typically have your device fixed and back out the door in 5 to 7 business days. And we can repair all major brands of medical equipment. 

Sure, you could try to figure out the issue yourself. But is it worth it? Wouldn’t your time be better spent on other tasks? We can take one of your to-dos off your list so you can concentrate on what you need to do in the hospital. 

  1. Take advantage of our local sales representatives. 

We have dedicated representatives strategically located around the United States. Your local rep can come right to your facility to pick up your devices. They’ll handle shipping your equipment to one of our repair facilities and will be in touch with our diagnosis and pricing. 

While you’re busy working on other critical tasks, our representatives can oversee the repair process and save you time. 

  1. Get the cables and accessories you need when you need them. 

We keep our warehouse stocked with cables and accessories and typically provide same-day shipping. Plus, we’re a go-to resource for hard-to-find parts. 

Search our online catalog of parts and accessories or reach out to your local sales representative with questions.  

Our products are FDA-approved and compatible with the original equipment. Plus, our customers routinely save more than 25% versus buying from the manufacturer. 

We’re well aware of the staffing shortages facing the biomedical and healthcare industry. We hear about it from our customers regularly and are eager to help. We can be an extension of your shop. Think of us as a partner and a player on your team. 

Use Sage Services Group for your patient-monitoring device repair needs and when you’re searching for replacement cables and accessories. You’ll feel like you just added six awesome new hires to your department!


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