How to Sell Used Medical Equipment 

by | Apr 29, 2021 | medical equipment

Medical equipment can be very expensive. When you purchase used medical equipment you can get a better deal. Do you have medical equipment you have used that you could sell to make a profit? Once you know how to sell medical equipment you won’t stop because you can make some good money. When you sell your old medical equipment you are giving it to someone who will benefit from the device. So, why not sell your used medical equipment?

How to Sell Used Medical Equipment 

Be Aware of Equipment that has a High Resale Value 

If the medical equipment you have is still being used by a medical professional and in good condition, you will most likely be able to find a buyer for it. Each piece of equipment has a different demand. Be sure to know the demand for the piece of equipment you are selling. If your equipment is in higher demand than others you should be aware of the higher resale value. The prices for these higher demand items may be competitive and you may want to factor in resale value. 

Popular medical equipment items for resale:

Surgical tables


Anesthesia machines 



Infusion and syringe pumps 

Patient monitors 


Infant warmers

Surgical microscopes

EKG machines 

Clean the Used Medical Equipment 

Before you can put your used medical equipment on the market, you will need to clean it up and make it look about as good as new. For example, if you are selling a surgical table be sure to clean the entire table and make sure the table works properly. By cleaning the equipment you will help the piece of equipment look appealing to different people. It is also easier to decide how used the equipment is when it is in tip-top shape. 

The CDC gives great guidelines for disinfecting and stabilizing in healthcare facilities.

Photograph the Used Medical Equipment 

After you have cleaned the equipment and it is looking bright, you should capture a few photos of the equipment at different angles. This way when you list your item the buyers are able to view the equipment clearly and from different areas. 

Advertise Used Medical Equipment Online

There a couple of online sites that allow you to sell used items for a small fee. There are also sites that specialize in selling and buying used medical equipment. 

Reach out to Medical Facilities in the Area

Are there any medical facilities in your area? Reach out to them and offer to sell them your used medical equipment. Medical facilities may purchase equipment from you for a reduced price because they are publicly funded and may be short on equipment. 

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