What is the Product T01-05-30M?

by | Jul 29, 2021 | patient cable

Sage Services Group supplies medical equipment for many kinds of practices and uses. But what else does Sage Services Group do? Well, it turns out that they do quite a bit. The company sells refurbished equipment, does depot repairs (damaged equipment is sent in, repaired, and then sent back), sells replacement parts, and sells patient cables. What does all of this have in common? It makes it possible for physicians to maximize their budget for necessary equipment. In this blog, we are going to be specifically who Sage Services is and the product T01-05-30M specifically.


If a reliable, late-model piece of equipment can be purchased instead of something brand-new, that is a huge advantage. New developments in technology won’t “break the bank” or put a strain on other parts of the budget. It can even make it possible to expand a physician’s practice and offer more services. Some of the economizing in a physician’s practice comes from the judicious use of replacement parts, especially smaller parts that can make equipment compatible where it was formerly not. These smaller parts don’t have to be anything sophisticated or complex, they just need to be reliable and inexpensive. One example of such a part is a monitor cable.

Reliable Monitor Cables

Cables that connect display monitors to leads, sensors, or controllers are one of the more common staples in physicians’ offices. They make it possible for a variety of tests to be done and for information to be collected for diagnosis. Even parts as small and inexpensive as cables need to be reliable and backed up by a warranty. Sage Service Services Group offers products with a full warranty and ensures they will be compatible with the range of equipment as advertised in their listings. How about specific examples?

First is Sage product T01-05-30M, an ECG 5-lead trunk cable. It is reusable, latex-free, and shielded. The cable is compatible with Philips and Advantage Medical, and it is modestly priced at $72. It also offers a nice selection of features and is backed by a one-year warranty. Second is part M1668A (989803145061), an ECG cable with a 12 pin to 5 lead that supports monitors made by Merlin, Virdia, Omnocare, and others. It also supports Philips 5 lead single pin ECG lead wires, both snap and grabber. The trunk can be used for a color-coding system. The cable is 9 feet long and competitively priced at $65.

Best Practices

Like any other piece of equipment, ECG cables can have problems. These include noisy ECG signals and “no recording” results. These problems can, in turn, lead to downtime while troubleshooting is done. Proactive solutions include buying high-quality ECG cables instead of cheap ones and having extras in case you need to replace one that’s causing trouble. You might also consider having a biomedical equipment technician (BMET) regularly check the cables to be sure they are working properly. While some medical equipment is complicated and difficult to maintain or repair, that’s not the case with ECG cables. And despite their simple construction, they are an important part of medical practice. Sage Services’ T01-05-30M is a great, reliable option for any practice.

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