Cables for Patient Medical Equipment

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Cables for patient medical equipment cover an enormous range of costs and complexity. Even if you have an ample budget and a healthy roster of patients, finding replacement parts for equipment is a struggle. Why should that be? Unfortunately, equipment can be obsolescent or obsolete in a fairly short period of time. Suppose a model is discontinued – the manufacturer may not make parts you need. Other vendors may offer “equivalent” parts that may nor may not be compatible with your device.

In some cases, only a few vendors sell the parts you need. Unfortunately, that leads to practices that border on price fixing. Simply put, unofficial agreements exist between vendors to charge noncompetitive prices for parts and to design substandard warranties. Thus, conditions favor the seller, and not the customer.

The Importance of the Right Seller

Assuming you find a replacement part at a reasonable price, you still need to do some testing. For anything, even the simplest parts, you should do your own work to see if the part performs as well as the original. If you’re satisfied with the part, it may not have a warranty similar to the original. If not, how close is it? You’ll also need a good grasp of the reputation of the company that sells the parts. That is important for knowing in advance how good warranty service will be.

You will be able to get a good feel for how much the company values your business by how they answer your questions. Sage Services Group is a company that has a long history of being in business to supply replacement parts and refurbished equipment for the medical profession. Sage Services group deals in a wide range of items, from simple connector cables to complex EKG machines.

Cables for Patient Medical Equipment

The most complex medical devices have many parts, some of them quite simple. But even the smallest and simplest parts are fundamental to making the device operate. Cables are one kind of simple part that you must have for your equipment. Sage Services group sells a wide variety of cables, compatible with many kinds of devices. Cables from a reputable company will be reliable, compatible, of good quality, and have a sound warranty. Sage Services guarantees compatibility with selected device manufactures, unlike other companies supplying medical equipment parts.

One commonly used part is the ECG lead set of cables, designated L01-05-MP. It is OEM part number 989803125841. Alternative designations for it are LDW-05BK-MXAS-000,

LW-3090SMX/5A, and M1968A. The assembly is a five-lead set with color-coded wires with the lead wires safety shielded. We package sets individually. Cables are 1.6 meters long and are compatible with devices manufactured by Advantage Medical, Curbell, and Phillips.

Sage Services Group is a company with extensive experience in supplying replacement parts and refurbishing medical equipment. If you would like more information about how we can help you with your medical equipment needs, just contact us at Sage Services Group.


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