Medical Equipment Repair Has Importance

by | Dec 15, 2020 | medical equipment

The accessibility of reliable and affordable medical equipment repair is essential for medical facilities to achieve long-term success.  Such accessibility also influences other health providers, along with the health outcomes of patients reliant on medical equipment technology.  While this technology is capable of crucial functions such as diagnosis, treatment, and monitorization, it does present some challenges.  

Medical Equipment Repair Today

One of the challenges that comes with medical equipment technology is its growing complexity.  As medical equipment becomes more complex, the repair rates increase to excessive prices that often put a financial burden on providers.  These challenges provide yet another challenge concerning the safety of patients relying on medical equipment.  Should faulty equipment go unchecked or is repaired by inadequately trained technicians, it could put a patient’s health at risk.  Unfortunately, the challenges do not end with the complexity of the medical equipment, the costly repairs, or the chance of a patient’s health being at risk.  Some manufacturers of equipment are unwilling to provide the necessary documents and service information to privately owned repair companies.  This usually leads to the manufacturers overpricing their services for the exclusive manner of their medical equipment expertise.  

What You Need in Your Repair Company 

To help avoid these challenges, it is necessary to invest in a reliable repair company that can provide the following: 

  • Highly specialized technicians who are certifiably qualified
  • Access to reasonably priced and reliable parts 
  • Established network of manufacturers along with parts providers 
  • Access to diagnostics and service information from manufacturers 

In-house medical equipment repair may potentially save you money, however, specialized training for techs is expensive.  Given the cost, it may not be worth the investment, regarding timeliness and safety of repairs.  It is for this reason that outsourcing is often considered to be the most cost-effective choice, especially for small medical practices and clinics.  Your medical equipment repair company should also offer easy, convenient, and reliable methods when it comes to requesting repairs.    

Know the Core Values of Your Chosen Company

When deciding upon a medical equipment repair company, browse each candidates’ website for the core values of the company.  You should be able to form an impression of the culture of each company as well as their business operations and their customer service.  Make note of values such as integrity, innovation, and commitment to customer service.  It is also important to determine which companies provide refurbished medical equipment, which can cut down the cost of various components.  

Managing medical equipment repair can be a difficult task for private practices and health facilities in terms of costs, reliability, as well as the level of specialized training necessary for technicians.  The need for reliable and affordable care is indisputable.  You want your company to provide more than a temporary quick fix, only to have to put in yet another request for a repair.  You want your company to have the expertise needed to repair it correctly the first time, with as little downtime as possible.  

Sage Services would be honored to be your reliable and affordable medical equipment repair company, and we possess the core values to prove it: integrity, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to customer service.  We take pleasure in devoting ourselves to our mission.  Our services include preventative maintenance, management, as well as repair of medical equipment at affordable rates, including EKG repair with other patient monitoring technologies.  Contact us today if you would like to speak to one of our highly trained technicians.     


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