What is the L02-05-29P Patient Cable?

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Now that almost two decades into the 21st century have passed, technology as simple as a cable connector may seem outdated. Wireless connection is commonplace with many common electronics. Despite this, there is still a place in medical laboratories for cable connections between input and output devices. Simple technologies are often all that is needed to solve a problem, and they solve it just as well in 2019 as they did in 1982. While many companies specialize in the latest developments, there are company’s that specialize in the tried-and-true.

Sage Services Group – Your Cable Connection

Sage Services Group markets an extraordinary variety of cable connectors for many different types of equipment. A typical example is the cable by the part code (SKU) L02-05-29P. The cable also has alternative part codes of 412681-001, 412681-005, 414556-001, E9003CJ, and LW-3140029/5A. The varied alternative codes make it clear that this part had wide distribution through many companies in the past and that it will fit many kinds of equipment.

Part L02-05-29P is a simple accessory part; an ECG (electrocardiogram) 5-lead set, with cables that connect straight to the patient. The wiring in the cable set is shielded, and the entire cable assembly is almost 1 meter long. This particular part is compatible with Advantage Medical and GE/Marquette devices and, conveniently, is reusable. The cable comes with a 12-month warranty, and any maintenance that is completed is supported by a 6-month warranty.

How to Find a Company Cable

Selecting a cable on the company website for your equipment needs is easy. Use the search tool by using the part code that you have. You should find the cable you need (with the company’s current part code). The description and the pictures there should let you confirm, with confidence, that you have the right part.

Sage Services Group is not limited to just cables, though the company sells a wide variety. Sage Services Group has four “pillars” on which its business is based. The pillars are patient cables (like L02-05-29P), replacement parts, refurbished equipment, and depot repair.

Refurbished Equipment

Despite the large variety of patient cables, Sage Services Group markets many other kinds of replacement parts. Refurbished equipment is another customer-driven activity of Sage Services Group. Here the customer is offered an attractively priced alternative to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) equipment. Refurbished equipment comes with a strong warranty. Depot repair shows the company’s strong customer commitment. When damaged or malfunctioning equipment is sent by a customer to the company, a quick decision will be made to repair the item or send a replacement.

In this article by MedGaget, they speak of the benefits of refurbished equipment. Including, eliminating waste, conserving resources, and generating economic benefits from extending the value of manufacturing equipment’s lifecycle.

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