Philips Monitor MP90

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The Philips monitor MP90 is a part of the Philips IntelliVue family. The design of these patient monitors provide care teams the information they need without leaving the patient’s side. These monitors range from compact options used during patient transfer to devices for use with patients who need critical care. The MP90 monitor offers top of the line data collection and monitoring in fast-paced environments.

Basics of the MP90 Monitor

The MP90 monitor features three displays that operate independently. This allows caregivers to designate which screen displays what information. Each is able to be configured in a number of different ways to display various information for those in the operating room. It is also possible to share this information with up to three additional displays located in another area for monitoring. However, the configurations cannot be changed from these secondary monitors. The MP90 can be further customized with the choice of stand-alone monitors (the XGA or SXGA models) and even large 15inch and 17 inch color LCD touchscreens. Using these options allows care providers to access or change information with a tap of the screen.  The MP90 monitor is compatible with Philip’s multi-measurement server system and all of its extensions.

A Flexible Solution

A patient monitor needs to be customizable in order to provide information on a variety of patients with different conditions. The MP90 features a range of different built-in support tools These include diagnostic and analysis tools. Requirements for different department protocols is easy to configure. Each attached display can show 13 different waveforms, including pre-set configurations of commonly monitored vitals. Specific measurements and alarms are available to prioritize as needed.

Connect and Share Data from Around the Hospital

Without the right information, healthcare teams cannot make decisions for their patients. The MP90 monitor works with the Philips IntelliVue system to ensure all information is shared with relevant parties. The monitor can display information from radiology, pharmacy, labs, and other hospital systems, while also sharing data with care teams. It’s also possible to share data with other IntelliVue monitors such as the compact MP20/30 used for patient transfer.

Purchasing New and Refurbished Equipment

If you’re in need of additional MP90 monitors for your hospital or other medical facility, Sage Service Group offers both new and refurbished equipment. Our new and refurbished equipment carries a 12-month warranty. We inspect refurbished items and test them to ensure that they function exactly as a new item would. For those who need flexibility in their spending, buying a refurbished item is an excellent solution to provide the care patients need without going over-budget.

In addition to offering refurbished equipment, we also provide medical equipment repair. Our trained experts who understand the workings of the device carry out all of our repairs. Like our refurbished offerings, all of our repaired equipment is thoroughly tested before being returned.

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