What to Look for in Purchasing Medical Equipment

by | Oct 31, 2021 | patient cable

Sage Services Group supplies medical equipment designed to meet a variety of needs and serve many different functions. A doctor’s practice is heavily based on technology, and new technology can be very expensive, both for the initial purchase and for repairs and maintenance. When purchasing medical equipment there are a few things to look for to make sure you are buying quality products.

Versatile Hoses

When purchasing any medical equipment check all of the nuts-and-bolts portions of the components of the medical devices in use. One of the simplest (and ubiquitous) pieces of medical equipment is the hose that connects to other parts of patient monitors. Many kinds of measuring instruments require connection cables and, surprisingly, many kinds of hoses are only compatible with devices from one manufacturer. Having hoses compatible with instruments from multiple manufacturers is an advantage, in other words.

Quality Cables

Quality, versatile hoses are worth the cost as they last longer and have fewer problems than cheaper hoses. With quality hoses, pinching or crushing them will less often result in unstable device performance than with cheaper hoses. As a result, quality hoses lead to less downtime than more inexpensive options. They can also be a bit more difficult to find than the cheaper options.

Durable Medical Tubing

Medical tubing selected for high quality is judged by certain criteria, like abrasion resistance, hardness, flexibility, and durability. Pressure and vacuum ratings, where the maximum internal pressure or the maximum partial vacuum the tubing will withstand are measured, are also important. You’ll also want to know what kind of sterilization methods the tubing will withstand and whether you need clear tubing to monitor flow rate or to look for obstructions.

Reliable Medical Equipment

What kinds of parts can serve as good examples of quality cables, tubing, and hoses? Product H01-16-15 sold by Sage Services Group is an NIBP (non-invasive blood pressure hose, for measuring finger blood pressure) and can be sold in either adult or pediatric versions. It is compatible with either Advantage Medical or Philips products. Can you think of a more fundamental test in a physician’s office?

Another Sage Services option, the M1598B, is an air hose compatible with Advanced Instrumentations, Biolight, and Philips products. The hose can be connected to either pediatric or adult cuffs, but not neonatal cuffs. The hose is 5 feet long, latex-free, and well-priced at $73. The M1599B is an 8-foot air hose with a PVC jacket. The hose connects all sizes of Philips adult and pediatric, reusable and disposable, cuffs to patient monitors. Finally, the 98980310331 is a hose that can be used with SureSigns patient monitors.

Making sure the basic components of workhorse devices and equipment function properly is a good start to a well-functioning medical facility. Exorbitant amounts of money are not required when you opt for a reasonable seller of reliable equipment like Sage Services, and the investment in new hoses will have a good cost to benefit ratio. Sometimes the simple solution is the best solution.

In a study from 2019 researchers found the importance of maintenance on medical equipment. When equipment is maintained their lifecycle and reliability will last longer.

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