Replacement Parts for GE Transport Pro

by | Feb 6, 2024 | medical equipment

One of the ways we help healthcare technology managers and biomedical professionals be more efficient with their time and their budget is by listening and observing. 

We hear customer questions and concerns. We take note of which devices show up regularly in our repair shop. We aren’t afraid to innovate to meet customer demands. 

Case in point: You can now purchase a replacement foot for the GE Transport Pro directly on our website. Devices like the Transport Pro are meant to be mobile. Nurses and healthcare staff members are carrying these devices from room to room, picking them up, putting them down and cleaning them with disinfectants that, over time, cause the plastic to become brittle and break. 

We noticed that most of the GE Transport Pro devices coming into our repair shop had a cracked foot. And if the foot piece is broken, the Transport Pro won’t stand up on its own. Until recently, healthcare facilities could purchase a replacement foot from GE.   

Now, GE has discontinued sales of a replacement foot for the Transport Pro. That’s when we decided to step in with an after-market replacement part. We are now manufacturing a replacement foot for the GE Transport Pro. 

It’s a huge win for our customers who can save a ton of money purchasing a replacement foot for $175 versus buying a brand-new Transport monitor for upwards of $15,000. 

Plus, it’s more environmentally friendly to keep using a device that’s in good working order instead of tossing it simply because one small part is broken. 

Order a replacement foot for the GE Transport Pro (GE part #2014437-008 or #2021926-008) directly from our website for $175 (Sage part #2014437-008-X).

In addition to the Transport Pro replacement foot, check out these other solutions from Sage for your GE patient monitoring devices. 

PDM Battery Door 

Used on the GE PDM, this battery door is made of silicone so isn’t always the most durable under constant use. We manufacture a replacement PDM Battery Door for your PDM. 

GE sells the battery door (GE part #2031069-002) as part of a kit, so you have to buy the entire kit instead of just the door, which costs more. Save money and order a new PDM Battery Door directly on the Sage website for $175 (Sage part #2031069-002-X).

Transport Pro Rear Case and Handle

Purchase a replacement case and handle for your GE Transport Pro on our website. The handle is $275 (Sage part #2021926-009-X). The case is $325 (Sage part #2012149-002-X).

We believe you deserve a choice in the marketplace. It’s what keeps us innovating, listening, and ultimately, manufacturing replacement parts for vital healthcare equipment. 

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