The Philips Module M3015a

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The Philips module M3015a is an extension of the Philips multi-measurement server. This, in turn, measures capnography and has an additional port for monitoring the patient’s temperature or for invasive blood pressure measurement. This module has a number of benefits, including the ability to be added to the multi-measurement server on the go. It also has the ability to be used at the bedside and during patient transport.

Having accurate information about a patient on-demand is a necessity in the medical field. To meet this demand, Philips has created a multi-measurement server that provides a number of vital measurements. These are provided both when the patient is stationary in a room and when they’re being transported. The main server offers a number of demographics, including ECG, blood pressure, and respiration. However, it is possible to extend with various modules, capturing additional vitals. One such extension is the Philips Module M3015a.

The Function of the Module M3015a

The Module 3015a, also called the Microstream CO2 Extension, measures capnography. It does so via the Microstream technology developed by Oridion Medical Systems, Ltd. In addition to the port reserved for capnography, the M3015a also has a second port that can be used to take the patient’s temperature or for invasive blood pressure measurement.

Benefits of the M3015a

The Philips Module M3015a is designed to be a very rugged device that can go wherever the patient goes. It’s lightweight, which makes transportation even easier. The device is plug-and-play. In other words, one can quickly add it to the multi-measurement server whenever needed. The server and the M3015a extension both connect to M3/M3 and IntelliVue monitors, as well. It’s possible to move the module rom the IntelliVue monitor to the M3 monitor without the need to adjust any settings, switch cables, or reset the unit. The device stores eight hours of trend data as well as demographics, measurements, and calibration settings.

The multi-measurement server system has the ability to be used by a wide variety of patients, including adults, children, and infants in the neonatal ICU. It meets all requirements for cardiology and anesthesia care through appropriate blood pressure cuff sizes, sensor options, and cable lengths.

Other Module Options

In addition to the M3015a module, Philips also offers several other options for the multi-measurement server. These include the Mainstream CO2 Extension and the Hemodynamic Extension. This flexibility is one of the many reasons it has become a standard in hospital environments. The ability to swap modules quickly and easily puts it a step above any other option.

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