Buying The Right Medical Equipment Tips

by | Nov 10, 2019 | medical equipment, Uncategorized

The internet has made buying anything, including medical equipment, an incredibly simple task. However, just because you can have something shipped to you in a few clicks doesn’t mean the responsibility of performing due diligence is off your shoulders. Don’t let quick searches and fast checkouts fool you into looking past the important research you need to conduct when to buying the right medical equipment.

Make Sure You Understand the Warranty

Most vendors will provide you with some kind of warranty, even if it’s an incredibly basic return policy. You should never assume that you understand the warranty, even if you’ve bought from the same vendor before. Different items can have different terms and conditions applied to their warranty, and understanding the intricacies of the warranty will help inform your final decision of what to purchase. How long can you wait to return an item? Are repairs included with the purchase? These are important factors you should always consider.

Inquire About Discount Programs

Every business desires return customers, medical suppliers included. With hospitals requiring so much single-use disposable equipment (like gloves, swabs, and needles) they are in a great position to haggle for a discount. Simply asking could get a vendor to open the door to special arrangements that will be mutually beneficial. Your best odds are asking a vendor you’ve consistently shopped with in the past. They may be more willing to work with you if they know that you’ve been a loyal customer.

Always Check the Compatibility

We take it for granted whenever we enter a doctor’s office or hospital and all the parts of their equipment are functioning together. We tend not to think about it unless something goes wrong. If you’re buying a new piece of equipment and introducing it into your current system, compatibility may be an issue if you don’t carefully research it beforehand. Cables are especially important. Take, for example, the E02X-36M cable (OEM part 2021406-001, 2025350-001, CB-A400-3300). It’s compatible with Curbell and GE/Marquette equipment but may not fit or even function with similar equipment from other manufacturers. Keep in mind the manufacturers of your current equipment when shopping for new pieces to ensure they are compatible.

Research the Vendor

Getting a good deal is always important, but be sure that you trust who you’re buying from. If you aren’t buying directly from the manufacturer, do some basic research on the seller: see what other customers have to say, what their general reputation is, and if they meet the requirements to legally sell medical equipment. Making sure you’re dealing with a reputable seller can give you an extra sense of reassurance if something goes wrong during the buying process.

Don’t just look at the price! Given the important role medical equipment have, you owe it to yourself to take the time necessary to ensure you’re buying the right medical equipment. Doing so could save you money in the long run, as well as frustration and confusion. Contact us today for these questions and more!


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