Caring For A Loved One At Home

by | May 1, 2021 | home care

There will probably come a point in your life where you will be responsible for caring for someone in your home or their home. It could be a child undergoing extensive physical therapy after an accident, or it could be a senior citizen who needs attention around the clock. Being a caregiver is a great responsibility that can be both difficult and rewarding, and it needs to be approached with the utmost seriousness and precaution to ensure the person being cared for gets everything they need. Consider the following advice should you ever be caring for a loved one at home.

Know That There Isn’t A Schedule

Certain things will need to happen at set times, like taking medications. However, you aren’t just addressing someone’s medical needs when you become their caretaker. You are taking caring of them in all aspects of their daily life. Thus, you shouldn’t get too comfortable working in a routine, and be available for whatever life brings on a day to day basis. Be attentive and responsive during all hours of the day, but also supportive. The ultimate goal when caring for a loved one at home is to keep your loved one comfortable during what may be a difficult time. In many respects, you will be sacrificing your time for them.

Get Outside Help When Caring for a Loved One

With the above being said, there are only so many hours in the day and you may have other responsibilities in your own life that need to be met. Getting additional help for when you’re not around your loved one isn’t admitting defeat. In fact, it may be necessary to ensure care can be administrated whenever it is needed. A simple solution is to enlist the help of friends and family and work out assigned shifts. Another effective method when caring for a loved one at home is to contact your local hospital to find experienced home care workers who have made it their job to help in these situations. Your goal should be to have someone available at all times, if not always on-site, to lend a hand on short notice. However, always remember to take time for yourself.

A study found that people who are caring for a loved one are feel good about themselves. Caregiving  gives meaning to their lives, enables them to learn new skills, and strengthens their relationships with others.

Make Sure Your Equipment Is Compatible

In the event that you need medical equipment as part of home care, there can be a big difference in both quality and functionality between new and old pieces. Changes in technology bring about changes in product compatibility, so make sure you do your research before picking up the necessary equipment in order to save yourself some frustration. For example, P01S-30M patient cable (OEM part 989803103221, 989803128571, M1191A, M1191AL, M1191B, M1191BL, PR-A900-1006V, PRC-A900-1006V) is compatible with Advantage Medical, Curbell, and Phillips equipment. Knowing product compatibility gives you more leeway on what you can use and how much you’ll spend. Your biggest concern should be making sure that everything interconnected (like cables and monitors) works correctly together.

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It can take a lot of work to be a caregiver; you must be willing to adapt to sudden changes. Just like doctors and nurses, at-home caretakers need to be flexible. However, caregiving doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Expect it to be a learning process early on no matter how much you prepare beforehand. Contact us for all of your medical equipment needs.


Quality Caregiving is Important

Quality Caregiving is Important

If you’ve taken on the role of quality caregiving, either as a profession or in service to a loved one, then you know firsthand how much responsibility comes with the job. By attending to key areas of care, both you and the person with the illness will feel the...

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