Quality Caregiving is Important

by | Jul 15, 2021 | home care

If you’ve taken on the role of quality caregiving, either as a profession or in service to a loved one, then you know firsthand how much responsibility comes with the job. By attending to key areas of care, both you and the person with the illness will feel the nurturing support needed to thrive.

Knowledge is Power

During an illness, both the patient and the caregiver will be under acute stress. This is not an ideal state for tracking complex medical information. With the help of technology and well-informed research and proper preparation, a complex medical condition can be broken down and understood by any caregiver. Ask questions and conduct thorough research about the medical condition in question, including what treatments and specialist visits that may be involved. Even simple illnesses could require many tests, medications, and possibly specialized home care.

Logistical and Professional Support

Don’t be afraid to seek professional support. There are a variety of professionals who can provide help right away. Counselors can administer to emotional needs and visiting nurses and home health aides will bolster your own caregiving efforts and add variety to the patient’s day. High-quality equipment is just as important as high-quality friends – make sure that the monitoring equipment and parts are sourced from reputable sources. Sage Services Group has been specializing in refurbished equipment and patient cables for almost 15 years. Their refurbished cables 412681-001, 412681-005, 414556-001, E9003CJ, LW-3140029/5A are guaranteed and will help keep medical costs down.

Quality of Life

Countless studies have shown that deep social connection is at the core of well-being. Caring, patient eye contact or an update on family members will ease any nervous system, especially if you’re spending time with someone suffering from an ailment. Simply eating meals together, sharing stories, taking a short road trip, or sewing together could lift spirits and immune systems.


Have you heard the saying that it’s impossible to rescue someone if you run out of gas on the way? Don’t just nod in agreement with this idea – understand that you are an integral part of the caregiving process and must be cared for as well. Exercise can help release stress that builds up during a day of caregiving and will release endorphins as well. Mindfulness, breathwork, and spiritual cultivation will boost energy and help with emotional regulation both during and outside providing quality caregiving. Support groups are also key as, more often than not, only people with your experience will know the right thing to say when you’re struggling. Another key to resilience is the intentional cultivation of your own joy, so do whatever it takes to lift your own spirits. And finally, of course, don’t forget your own medical needs.

In a study by Lawton and colleges, they researched caregiving appraisal. They found quality caregivers accept the subjective burden, caregiving satisfaction, and caregiving impact factors. This study reinstates the importance of self-care for a caregiver.

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For peace of mind regarding the medical equipment used to help care for your loved ones, opt for Sage Services Group and their high-quality medical cables like the LW-3140029/5A. Picking reliable equipment from the start can help make a difficult situation a bit easier for a quality caregiver.


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