Preventative Maintenance Importance

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Patients expect and deserve the best quality of care at any time they visit the doctor.  They should be treated by medical professionals utilizing preventative maintenance which insures the most up-to-date, well-preserved equipment is available.  It is imperative for medical facilities to make equipment upkeep, repair, and replacements priorities so that patients may continue to receive the best care possible.

PM Schedules, Medical Equipment, and Patient Care

Equipment preventative maintenance schedules (PM Schedules), are intended to help ensure that equipment and tools get the care they need before they start to malfunction or fail.  Placing close attention on the schedules helps in reducing the number of equipment malfunctions throughout routine care of patients by catching issues prior to their occurrence.  It is for this reason that Sage Services is pleased to offer top-quality patient cables to healthcare providers.  Sage Services’ medical equipment and replacement parts are both reliable and reasonably priced, which means that healthcare providers will not have to use continue using equipment well past the replacement time.  Sage Services strives to prevent liability and patient care problems by providing facilities with improved, more reliable medical equipment.


The E01-30M (989803125841, M1943AL) is a patient cable devised to measure the amount of oxygen present in the patient’s blood.  It is latex-free and Curbell and Philips compatible.  One end is attached to the patient’s finger and the opposite end sends the signal to the monitor, allowing the nurses and doctors to see what their oxygen level is. The E01-30M cable plays an important role in monitoring patient vitals, it is critical that it operates as it was designed to with every use.  For equipment to operate as it should, it is necessary to not only select the highest quality in medical equipment, but to also maintain a consistent preventative maintenance schedule.

The Key to Providing Quality Healthcare

The key to providing quality healthcare is picking a company for preventative maintenance on medical equipment.  There are some things to consider when choosing the best organization for a facility’s needs:

  • What is their insurance policy on general liability? It is important that a company is backed by an insurance policy should liability issues arise.
  • Does the company offer test documentation for every PM? Offering documentation as well as keeping a record of every PM test on medical equipment gives an idea of the time the equipment was last checked as well as when it will need to be checked again.

The company chosen by a medical facility should possess the ability to remain organized concerning the documentation of PM checks.  By doing this, medical facilities will be able to cover using outdated or faulty equipment while caring for their patients.   

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