Who Buys Used Medical Equipment?

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Do you have used medical equipment in your medical facility or home that you don’t need anymore? Sure you do! Who buys used medical equipment, you may ask. You can sell your medical equipment to various online platforms and facilities. This way someone can benefit from the medical equipment you don’t need anymore. 

What to do Before Listing your Medical Equipment 

Before you list your medical equipment you will want to take care of a few things. First, you will want to be sure the equipment is clean and in the best condition, it can be. Buyers will stay away from your listings if the image of the item looks dirty. 

Also, make sure the equipment is in working condition. If the medical equipment isn’t working and you know what needs to be done to fix it you should let the buyer know. You can provide that information in the description of your equipment. If that’s the case the price should reflect that it needs work. 

Additionally, really think about what you are placing for sale. Be sure you won’t need the piece of equipment in the future. Some pieces of equipment are expensive and you don’t want to have to purchase them again in the future.

How to Attract People to your Listings:

Photos of the equipment

Brand or Manufacturer name 

Reasonable price

Model or serial number 

Contact information 

Helpful information about the equipment


If you would like to donate your used medical equipment rather than sell there are plenty of places that would appreciate it. 


Local Hospitals or Doctors 

Veteran’s Affairs Local Chapters 



Who buys Used Medical Equipment?

Facebook Marketplace is a great and easy way to place items you have for sale. A few pros, local sales, no shipping, verified buyers, and sellers via Facebook profile. Cons include a smaller audience.

Resale shops are also a great place to sell your used equipment. 

Hospitals are always looking for medical equipment to purchase at a more reasonable price. If you sell directly to a hospital you will know your equipment will get its use daily. Medical offices have to be very precise on what used medical equipment they are a purchase that has been used before. The equipment they are using could be used in a life or death instance so it is important the device is in its best quality. In this study, they look into hospitals purchasing used medical equipment.

Senior Care Centers benefit from purchasing medical equipment at a lower cost. Things like wheelchairs are purchased to help get seniors around the facilities.

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Now that you know who buys used medical equipment get ready to sell! Do you need to purchase new medical equipment or have a repair that needs to be made before you sell? Contact Sage Service today and we will repair it.


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