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When people think about quality health care, they probably picture a doctor or nurse providing careful attention to ill patients. And while this is undoubtedly an important part of the process, it’s equally important to understand that it is not the most important aspect of quality medical care. Even the most experienced physician can face failure if their equipment is faulty. Maintaining medical equipment is vital to providing quality care to patients of all kinds, in other words, as is understanding which companies can provide the best products. That’s why it’s a good idea to pick the right provider the first time around and pay careful attention to your current equipment.

The Dangers of Unreliable Medical Equipment

When performing tests such as EEGs or hooking up patients to monitors, the last thing a doctor or other healthcare professional wants to see is that a cord or attachment is no longer working. Even a single cable failure can further endanger patients’ health and create potentially cause unnecessary injuries to them. That is why replacing and updating equipment is extremely important in the healthcare field.

Specific Equipment

Equipment companies typically provide replacement policies and warranties for the pieces of equipment they provide. Sage Services, for example, offers a comprehensive warranty and replacement policy should their cord prove faulty. The L01-05-MP, for example, is a cable used for electrocardiogram tests and is a lead set that comes with a 12-month warranty or 6-month repair warranty just in case. To get that specific cord, you can look up 989803125841 or M1968A, both of which are the product codes that show the specific OEM part.

Equipment companies

There are several options for companies that can replace or update needed medical equipment. Sage Services Group is one company that works to replace or update cords. When replacing equipment, it is also extremely important to stay up-to-date with preventive maintenance (PM) checks. As the name implies, these checks are designed to help keep tabs on a specific piece of equipment and determine when it was last tested and how well it worked. You want to work with someone who understands the importance of these checks and can act immediately if any issues are found.

Take Steps to Provide Quality Care

It can seem like overkill to spend hours of research on the best patient cable to use for a particular purpose, however, remember that the patients receiving the care won’t think so. They’ll be grateful to the person who took the time to ensure their safety was well-guarded. Making the right choice about medical equipment providers and taking the time to carefully assess your current equipment is the first step in offering reliable and quality healthcare to your patients.

For more information about patient cables, including the L01-05-MP (989803125841, M1968A), reach out to Sage Services. They offer reasonable warranties and affordable prices and are ready to help you get set up to offer reliable and consistent quality care to your patients.


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