Medical Equipment Being Current is a Must

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Technology is a part of our everyday lives both at home and in the work environment. We rely on it for updates in the news, weather, and medical equipment. When a person gets hurt either by a small injury or has a life-threatening illness they look to the healthcare industry to treat their sickness or injury. Once a patient enters the hospital to get treated they have put their full trust in the providers and expect them to be using the most up to date technology. Technology is changing and improving daily and more than we ever expected. When a doctor uses the most updated medical equipment it can improve overall the patient’s experience. 


The quality of the medical equipment used in healthcare is important. One issue in healthcare is the best quality of the equipment not being in use. Medical professionals are pulled in so many different directions and keeping track of what is current in medical equipment, what doesn’t meet the needs of the patients, and what medical equipment should be replaced becomes low on the list of priorities. This should be at the top of the list for practices because new medical equipment technologies are made constantly and could make life easier for both the patient and medical staff. 

Another issue with medical equipment is the cost can certainly be high. The long term effect of these purchases is worth it because they will be treating patients and the practice will be performing at the highest degree. Updating and replacing medical equipment may cost more upfront but will save money in the long run. 

Benefits of Improving Equipment

Providers need to see the whole picture when it comes to medical equipment. We are talking about all equipment used to treat a patient, not just the big items. All medical equipment used to treat a patient both big and small plays a role in a patient’s health and the practice’s efficiency. Knowing the equipment one is using is performing at its full potential is crucial but without a specialized platform, it’s nearly impossible to keep accurate records of everything. 

What to do?

A good habit to start is to check equipment and make sure it meets important factors in utility and if they don’t order a replacement that meets the standards. Making sure all equipment is compatible with other devices is a great thing to keep in mind. One will get more for your money and minimize over buying equipment you don’t need. For example, Sage Service Patient Cables Product P06X-11M works with Nellcor/Covidien, Advantage Medical, and Philips devices. Its wider range of compatibility makes it more versatile and easier to integrate into your operations.

Look into warranty as well, specifically for devices with OEM parts. The P06X-11M cable has several (specifically, 989803109811, DS-100A, M4789A, PR-A520-1011, and PR-A520-1011N). A one year warranty is provided by Sage Services to all of our accessories to negate the need for early replacement or difficult repairs. This will also help keep costs low and allow you to not overbuy products. 

The equipment utilized with patients is just as important as earning a medical degree. Once you get the hang of these medical products you’ll understand the importance of staying current on all devices. 

Want to know more about improving your medical equipment or want to know more about current, state-of-the-art technologies, Sage Services is your trusted industry provider of today’s best and safest medical technology. Give us a call today, 1.877.281.7243!


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