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Throughout history, humanity has embraced technology. We have made it a part of our daily lives; we depend on it to help us complete both simple and complex tasks. Over time, we form a certain amount of trust in technology to perform as it should. The same can be said for the healthcare industry. When a patient enters the hospital for treatment, they place their trust in the providers and anticipate that they will use the most accurate and up to date technology. Using the most updated medical equipment may improve the patient’s overall experience.

Issues with Medical Equipment

One of the most vital components of medical equipment is its quality. An issue arises in healthcare when equipment of the best quality is not regularly in use. While failure to keep track of what is current in medical equipment is usually not intentional, it is likely to occur. Medical professionals have numerous patients and tasks in which they are responsible for, consequently placing updating equipment low on the list of priorities. This should not be the case. Keeping equipment up to date should be a top priority for medical practices. New equipment technologies are constantly being invented and possess the ability to make life easier for the patient as well as the medical staff.
Another issue that often makes medical practices hesitant to routinely update their equipment is the excessive cost. Though the cost of new equipment can be rather high, the long-term effect is worth it. With up to date equipment, practices will be able to provide the best treatment and care possible for their patients.

Benefits of Updating Medical Equipment

There are several benefits that come with investing in updated equipment.

  • By purchasing the most recent diagnostic equipment, medical practices show their current patients they care about their health and overall well-being and have the essential means to meet their medical needs.
  • Practices that choose to invest in up to date equipment may attract new and younger patients, as younger patients tend to judge a medical practice on its technological capabilities.
  • Medical practices will be able to offer care within their own office rather than referring patients elsewhere. This maximizes both the practice’s profits and reputation.
  • Patient satisfaction increases with the convivence of being able to have a wide variety of tests and procedures performed at their primary doctor’s office.

How to Advance

There are measures medical practices can take to ensure that they are using the best quality of equipment. It is highly recommended to get into the habit of checking equipment to make sure it meets critical factors in utility. Should a piece of equipment fail to meet these factors, order a replacement that does. It is also necessary to make certain the equipment is compatible with other devices. Practices will likely save money and may avoid overbuying excessive equipment. Take Sage Services’ Patient Cable Product P06X-11M into consideration. It possesses the ability to function with devices from various manufacturers such as Phillips, Nellcor/Covidien, and Advantage Medical. Its wide range of compatibility allows it to be more adaptable and easier to incorporate into operations. Practices should be sure to check into the warranty of equipment, particularly devices with OEM parts. Sage Services offers a one-year warranty to all our accessories to counteract the need for premature replacement or complicated repairs. This will also aid in keeping costs low as well as preventing practices from overbuying products.
Think of a medical practice as a machine and the equipment as a necessary cog that allows everything to run smoothly. If this cog were to grow old or stop working altogether, the rest of the machine would not function as smoothly as it once did. For a medical practice to operate smoothly, all cogs should be in pristine condition, especially the equipment.
If you are interested in learning more about improving your equipment or would like to know more about current, innovative technologies, please contact Sage Services (1.877.281.7243).


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