Parts for Patient Monitoring

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No matter what kind of medical equipment you have for monitoring patients, what your budget is, or how large your practice is, finding replacement parts can be a chore. Unfortunately, finding the “right” part can be worse than not finding a replacement part at all. You might have obsolescent or obsolete equipment for which few vendors are available to supply parts.


With that said, a very limited selection of vendors will likely mean they all know each other, and unspoken “agreements” are in place about pricing and servicing. You could call it price fixing, but it is a common business tactic. The question is, will you have to bear what the market brings, or will you get a reasonable price? Luckily, there are companies who strive to give their customers the best service and best prices possible.


Once you’ve found a replacement part that is supposed to work with your equipment or other supplies, how do you know that it will work as intended? One great way is to buy from a business that doesn’t hesitate to walk you through the replacement process. You’ll want to work with someone who understands the concerns you have and is ready and willing to stand behind their products. It might seem difficult to find a business that provides quality in both selection and service, but it’s not impossible.

Sage Services Group is all of these things, and more. Whether you are looking to replace a simple, inexpensive part or an entire EKG unit, the staff at Sage Services Group can help.

Patient Monitoring Equipment

Some parts for patient monitoring equipment are simple but very necessary for routine tests. Despite being relatively inexpensive, they must still be reliable, of good quality, and have a warranty. They also should be fully compatible with the device they are to be used with. Aftermarket parts, unfortunately, have a bad reputation. The parts from Sage Services Group will dispel any doubts of that kind.

One commonly used part is the SpO2 oxygen finger sensor. It is part of what is used to practice pulse oximetry, which measures the degree of oxygen saturation in a person’s blood, or, what proportion of hemoglobin in the blood is carrying oxygen. This is a basic, but fundamentally important, test to perform. The replacement cable and the oxygen sensor need to be compatible with various manufacturers’ devices.

The SpO2 sensor (PO6X-11) has various designations, starting with OEM 989803109811. It is also designated as DS-100A, M4789A, PR-A520-1011, and PR-A520-1011N. The sensor sold by Sage Services Group is compatible with devices made by Advantage Medical, Nellcor, and Phillips. The oxygen sensor has a 9-pin connector, and has adult and pediatric versions. It retails for about $100.

Sage Services Group has a long history of supplying out-of-stock parts and replacement parts that are as compatible as original parts, for a variety of medical equipment. If you have questions, and would like more information about your medical equipment needs, just contact us at Sage Services Group.


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