Why is L07-06-29S Patient Cable Important?

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You’ve seen cutting-edge electronics in everyday life such as your printer, phone, television, or computer. However, simple hardware, like cable connectors, is still commonplace in medical and diagnostic laboratories. In the field of medical practice, cable connectors are often the most reliable and logical choice for various tasks. A machine is often attached to a patient as well as a display, like a screen for heart rate and blood pressure. Cables make this connection possible, such as L07-06-29S. While many companies try to be first at the leading edge of new technology, there are companies that simply market what works.

Sage Services Group – Your Company for Cables

Sage Services Group hosts a large selection of cable connectors for a plethora of equipment. One example is the cable by the part code L07-06-29S (SKU). This cable has alternative part codes BR-916PA and LW28100MX/6A. The variety of alternative parts codes indicate that this part has been widely utilized through many companies and that the particular part in question will fit various types of equipment.

Part L07-06-29S is a simple accessory; it is an ECG (electrocardiogram) 6-lead set, with cables for attaching directly to the patient. The wiring in the cable set is shielded, and the cable assembly is almost 1 meter long. The part is reusable, and it is compatible with Advantage Medical and Nihon Kohden devices. This cable has a year warranty, and any company repairs on the cable have a 6-month warranty.

How to Find a Patient Cable

Finding a specific cable on the Sage Services Group website is quick and simple. Utilize the part code you have and do a search, and the cable you need for your equipment will appear in the results. The current part code will be included as well as alternative codes. The search results include color pictures and a description to confirm the needed part.

Sage Services Repairs Parts

Cables are not the only pieces of equipment offered by Sage Services Group, despite their prevalence on the site. Sage Services Group has four categories that are its complete business. The categories are patient cables (like L07-06-29S), replacement parts, refurbished equipment, and depot repair.

The great variety of patient cables is just part of the replacement parts inventory at Sage Services Group. Sales of refurbished equipment is another customer service the company provides. Refurbished equipment gives the customer a competitively priced alternative to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) equipment, and with a warranty. Depot repair is another strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Damaged or malfunctioning equipment returned after a customer purchase will receive a quick decision for replacement or repair.

Confidence in Patient Cables

It is important that the medical staff is confident in the patient cables that are linked to their patient. In a study in 2020, the majority of ICU physicians and nurses felt confident using the patient monitoring equipment.

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