Why Quality Patient Cables?

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At Sage Services our values are integrity, innovation, a commitment to excellence, and extraordinary customer service. So when it comes to quality patient cables you can be sure you are getting a product that is going to work properly and last you a long time. So, why quality patient cables? A patient deserves to have confidence in the technology being used on them, durability is a must, and all components of patient cables should be working at 100%. 

Patients Deserve Quality Patient Cables

Let’s be honest no one really thrilled when it comes to going to the doctor and hearing test results. Patients are uneasy when they walk into the medical doors. So in order to not add stress, they should have full confidence when different medical technology is being used on them. They should feel assured when the medical results are said to them that they are accurate. Patients deserve the best care and quality patient cables. 

Durable Patient Cables 

Why quality patient cables? Because medical cables need to be able to function after being tugged, stepped on, and jerked. Patient cables have to be durable to accommodate the needs of medical professionals. These patient cables impact lives and treatments so they need to work properly at all times. While in an emergency room cables are going to be pulled on and they need to be able to withstand. 

In less stressful situations like patient rooms, durability is still a must. Durable patient cables remain in use for long periods of time and are cost-effective.


Cables that are going to be used more than once need to be able to withstand the sanitization process. When patient cables are sterilized they go through a chemical sterilizer or an autoclave. When a cable is going to be reused it will be made with specific materials based on the required sterilization method of the application. When patient cables are reused quality is the utmost importance. 

Quality Components 

Medical devices are composed of 3 components: conductor, insulator, and jacket. 


The conductor is an internal metal such as copper, gold, or aluminum. It transfers electric signals to medical devices. Conductors must be able to handle the full range of expected operating temperatures while remaining flexible and resistant to breakage. 


The insulator is a vital component that makes sure electricity doesn’t flow out of the medical device cable to the patient or medical professional. It also prevents interferences between multiple cables within a device and between devices. Polypropylene, polyethylene, and semi-rigid polyvinyl chloride are the most frequently used materials in medical device cables. 


The jacket is the outer covering that covers the insulator and conductor. It protects the inner components while they are in use and being sterilized. Every jacket used as a medical device cable has to meet the FDA and ISO 1099 requirements for biocompatibility. 

Contact Us 

Here at Sage Services, we put our customers first at all times. We do this to make sure you can be confident in your patient cables. Now that you know why quality patient cables are a must. Contact us for all your patient cable needs.


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