What is the L01-05-MP Medical Cable?

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L01-05-MP, what in the world could that stand for? It stands for a cable used for electrocardiogram tests and is a lead set that comes with a 12-month warranty or 6-month repair warranty just in case. Why would you care? Well, this piece of medical equipment could be testing on your family member – wouldn’t you want the result to be accurate? Most people when hearing the word healthcare think of injections, nurses, doctors, medicine, hospital beds, etc. These are important pieces of the medical field but a major piece that affects the quality of treatment a patient receives is the medical equipment used on them. The best performing doctors can’t provide elite care if the medical equipment they are using is faulty. Maintaining medical equipment that is in the good condition is the most important future when caring for a patient. Providers need to understand the importance of medical equipment and who they are ordering it from.

Unreliable Medical Equipment 

Can you imagine you are performing an EEG on a patient and the system shuts down? How embarrassing for you and the practice. When patients come to appointments where tests are being run that could change their lives. They don’t need the added stress of wondering if the equipment being used on them is going to perform correctly. Or what if a monitor on a patient stopped working. Even a single cable failure could danger a patients’ health and cause unnecessary injuries to them. That is why monitoring your equipment and replacing and updating when needed should be of the utmost importance at medical practices. 

Specific Equipment 

Equipment companies usually provide replacement policies and warranties for the pieces of equipment they provide. Sage Services Group, offers a comprehensive warranty and replacement policy should their cord be damaged. If you are interested in the L01-05-MP cord you can look up 989803125841 or M1968A, both of which are the product codes that show the specific OEM part.

Equipment Companies

When you come across a damaged product and need it fixed there are several companies that can replace or update the product. Sage Services Group is a company that works to replace or update cords. Preventative maintenance checks are extremely important when replacing a piece of equipment. These checks are designed to help keep tabs on a specific piece of equipment and determine when it was last tested and how it performed. When purchasing medical equipment you want to work with a company that understands the importance of these checks and can act immediately if any issues are detected.  

How to Provide Quality Care

When thinking about cables used in hospitals it may seem like no one has the time to check these cords to makes sure they are of the best quality for patients. But think about it these technologies are being used on someone’s loved one, daughter/son, or friend. The patient and the family will be thankful a hospital picked a company that makes sure the cords used on their family member are in good condition. 

For more information about patient cables, including the L01-05-MP (989803125841, M1968A), reach out to Sage Services. They offer reasonable warranties and affordable prices and are ready to help you get set up to offer reliable and consistent quality care to your patients.


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